Southampton Township tells of our History, Caves, Underground Railroad, our Officials, Churches, Schools, and more.

Entering PA and Southampton Township
Map of Bedford County with Southampton Township highlighted

     Southampton Township is located in the southern part of Bedford County,PA, along the Maryland State line.

     Our township is 80 square miles, divided by a long mountain range.  The western Beans Cove side of Tussey Mountain has a smaller mountain range filled with deep caves and sinkholes.

     One third of Southampton Township is State Forest and State Game lands.  People come from far and wide to hunt and fish throughout the Township.  We have large populations of white tail deer, some bear, some coyotes, and other small game.

     The Southampton Township Board of Supervisors has 37 miles of roads and 4 bridges to maintain.  Some of the roads are still dirt, but most have been seal coated in oil and stone.

     Southampton Township's population, as of the 2010 census, is 976 people.  That is 12 people per square mile!

     Our primary industry is logging.

     We have a very rich history, including being a part of the Underground Railroad, told about in the novel "The Chaneysville Incident" by David Bradley.

     We also have a saltpeter cave, mined to make gunpowder during the Revolutionary War.   The "CCC" (Civilian Conservation Corp) provided housing and work near the cave during World War I.

     And don't miss the Hewitt Covered Bridge in the southern part of Southampton Township.

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